I am Christian and Pro-life and I will not compromise my Faith, beliefs, morals, conscience, or vote to violate the Constitution of the United States and/or the Constitution of the State of Alaska.  God, Family, Country.

My conduct will reflect my Faith, my belief in and support of traditional marriage and the traditional family, my pro-life principles, my conservative values, my support of and oath to support and to defend the Constitution of the United States, and to reflect the platform and principles of the Republican Party.  Smaller government is better government.  God's Plan for man works.

Reality check.  I can promise nothing, if elected, I would be one of 60, with 59 others to convince to take my position.  I will try to influence, mitigate and to prevent any overreaching.  Note the subjects presented below.

(Note:  The following are not in any order of priority).


I support SB156 that bars mandatory vaccination against the will of the individual.  No one should be forced to jeopardize their employment for refusing a vaccination.

I will work to see that any future COVID or other pandemic response is made with due respect for our rights and that the Legislature must maintain the 30 day review of a governor's emergency declaration.  The Legislature should never abrogate its powers to the governor in an emergency.  Only the governor may set mandates for pandemic response.  School boards and schools should be barred from any such authority.  The parents should have full health care authority over their children's health in consultation with a doctor.

DOCTOR PATIENT RELATIONSHIP.  The doctor-patient relationship should be inviolate.

DIALOGUE.  Any discussion concerning a pandemic response, treatment, etc. should not be censored by any authority or the media.  This is also a 1st Amendment issue.  The lies of the Main Stream Media have been responsible for extending and causing fear mongering and harm to Alaskans and Americans.  No governor should silence those who question.

ACCESS TO MEDS:  A doctor in consultation with the patient should determine the best medicines to utilize and the state should not bar or otherwise interfere with established practices in that care.  Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine were denied to Americans and Alaskans for early treatment resulting in harm.

ACCOUNTABILITY. The 2020 COVID response should be reviewed and investigated by the Legislature for  recommendations to the Dept. of Law for the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate for criminal culpability and to convene a grand jury. None are above the law, Fauci lied, people died.  Our governor had the 4th most restrictive mandates in the U.S. without consideration for our constitutional rights, allowed the Pharmacy Standards Board to restrict and bar Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, to the detriment of Alaskans.  Governor Dunleavy and Dr. Anne Zine allowed Facui's mandates to interfere with the doctor patient relationship by restricting treatment and ignoring early treatment.


The survival of the Republic depends upon the integrity of the voting system.  Penalties for cheating need to be increased to a class A felony, as cheating to alter the vote is denying the opposition their vote.  This is the thing civil wars are made of.  The RULE of LAW must be sacrosanct and without a true outcome in the vote, the rule of law, as demonstrated by the excesses of the Biden Administration, is no longer.

I believe that voting should be in person with photo ID or by absentee ballot applied for with proper reason and ID.  Electronic voting machines should be barred from use in Alaska's elections.  State, federal, and local elections should be on the same day.  Forensic audits should be the standard.


I will work to protect our individual Second Amendment rights, to protect ownership and to expand carry in Alaska, to protect the manufacture of firearms and components as a necessary industry for state security, and to authorize under state law the manufacture and use in Alaska of firearms, suppressors and other components.

I believe that the NFA should be rescinded.

I will support and defend the rights under the Second Amendment and Art. 1 Sec. 19 of the Alaska Constitution and to ensure that the "keep and bear arms" provision is recognized by the State of Alaska as including and referring to protecting the use and maintenance of privately owned arms for militia duty by members of the 32 USC Sec. 109(c, d) Alaska State Defense Force and the members of the unorganized militia.  There will be no bans on any type of firearm in the State of Alaska.

(Note:  I am one who carry's daily.)


I intend to reintroduce the bill that I helped to draft that restores the Alaska State Defense Force to the mission of an armed state military police constabulary.

I support the restoration of the Alaska Army National Guard to its former strength.

I support and will work to make Alaska part of the E-Verify system to put veterans and citizens ahead of illegal aliens for jobs.

I will work to improve veterans access to programs and benefits through the DMVA.


I will work to see that the infringement by a public official of any Alaskan's constitutional rights will result in criminal jeopardy for the offending public official.

I will work to protect the constitutional rights of all Alaskans and to protect equal standing of all Alaskans under the law.

I will work to eliminate the use of administrative “courts” that are anything but.  Administrative courts are a way around Legislative and Judicial oversight.

I will work for a "nullification" act to make unconstitutional federal overreaching law and policy null and void when the SCOTUS, the President, or Congress acts in violation of the Constitution to expand powers of the federal government not granted under the Constitution.  Other states have enacted similar law.

I will work to disarm federal regulatory agencies in Alaska and to reduce the federal presence.

I will work to replace federal  management of all federal lands and parks with State employees, including enforcement and management of all fish and wildlife in Alaska--see AS 38.05.500.

I will act to support state sovereignty as reflected in AS 38.05.500-505 and our Statehood Compact.


I will work to see that our 1st Amendment Rights under Art. 1 Sec. 4 are not infringed.

I will work to remove the influence of the secular-atheist religion from government at every level in Alaska.  Atheism is a recognized religion, and secular-atheism reflects the replacement of God by man.  State and local governments openly promote secular atheism and openly restrict or outright bar the expression of Christianity by employees and appointed officials in violation of the 1st Amendment and Art. 1 Sec. 4 of the Alaska Constitution.  The expression of religious speech is wrongly forbidden in government offices and  schools.   It is time to end this state sponsored religion and the pogrom against Christianity in this state.  The secularist-atheists promote their viewpoint and religious speech and that of Islam or any other religion or belief system, but openly discriminate against Christianity and Judaism.


I am pro-life.  I will work to end abortion in Alaska.  I oppose abortion and Planned Parenthood, and will work to end public funding of abortion in Alaska and to remove Planned Parenthood from any presence in our schools.

Until abortion is abolished in Alaska, I support requiring counseling by a right to life pregnancy counseling service before any abortion can be done to provide an informed choice for the mother.

I will work to seek felony class criminal penalties for those in the abortion industry and for any public officials who fail to report the rape of minor female by an adult male.

I will work to end Planned Parenthood's disgusting and inhuman practice of collecting body parts for sale, and to require felony-class criminal jeopardy for Planned Parenthood's management and employees for such activity.


I do NOT support using the PFD to fund gov't and I support full restoration of the statutory formula with a refund of the 50% taken by former Gov. Bill Walker.  New revenue streams will come to the state with the opening of ANWR and other potential resource development post the Biden Admin.  Any increase in state revenue should not all go to the state to fund a bloated, inefficient government.


I support and will work to cut state spending--we MUST cut gov't!  I support and will work to see that a sustained budget plan is put into law.  Key word "sustainable".

I will work to end the state Human Rights Commission as duplicative of federal resources, and unnecessary.   In its place there should be an equal opportunity commission to investigate workplace inequities such as discriminatory pay with respect to gender for the same work and workplace harassment.  For example, in a union shop, there is no such thing as harassment by a union "brother" in a supervisory role, meaning, a union classified foreman being abusive to a subordinate will not be acted upon by the shop steward.

I will work to REDUCE gov't regulation and oversight.

I will work to increase gov't transparency to bar the use of "executive privilege" and  "work product" as an excuse to prevent the disclosure of information in response to a lawful FOIA request made pursuant to AS 40.25.--Alaska is not a third world oligarchy and our government should be transparent.  The only redaction should be to protect an ongoing criminal investigation, not the questionable conduct of bureaucrat or elected official.

I support restoration of civilian control of the Dept. of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA) with the state Adjutant General acting as the deputy commissioner and the DMVA under a civilian commissioner.

I will work for amendment(s) to the state constitution that will provide for: 1) an elected attorney general, 2) elected judges and magistrates with finite terms of office, 3) elected constitutional sheriffs for the the organized and unorganized boroughs, 4) Term limits for legislators, 5) Establish the PFD and formula in the Constitution.

I will work to support private sector growth--JOBS, not gov't!




I will work to see that the privacy of women and female minors in school and business restrooms and other traditional female only areas is protected.

I support SB140 barring transgender 'females' (biological males) from competing in female sports.

I will work to encourage and support law abiding females who want to carry a firearm for protection.


I will work to require that the only standard for biological sex used by government on a form to determine or to indicate an individual's sex are is the biological sex as designated by: male, man, woman, boy, girl, he, she.  Further, the state and localities should only recogize the biological sex of an individual as expressed by chromosomes.

I will work to bar Marxist indoctrination from our schools--CRT and other such anti-American racist programs need to be barred from the school curriculum.  Literacy, not indoctrination is the only mission of education.

It is time to stop treating those who are mentally ill as 'normal' and protect our children and women.  There is no constitutional issue in the Left's arguments, just expressions of 'feelings'.  No.  It is time we put and end to this insane game that is being played out in our educational institutions, government and forced upon business to the detriment of children and the stability of social order and traditions.


I will work to bar any medical procedure that would change the sex of a minor.  The harm is simply too great a risk.  Once 18, the individual can do whatever.  I further believe that transgender mutilations  and hormone treatments treatments need to be self-funded, as such surgery is elective and not health related.  Mental health care should be covered by insurance, but not the physical alteration to imitate the opposite sex that involve mutilation, chemical castration, and removing organs without a purely medical basis to do so.  Doctors and mental health professionals should face severe criminal penalties for encouraging a minor to undergo sex change.  Gender dysphoria is considered a temporary condition in minors.  Minors lack the maturity of judgment to make such life altering decisions.

The indoctrination, grooming and sexualization of children by adults is illegal and should be barred from our schools and public libraries.  Community standards need to be reimposed.  The public library is not a place for sexual indoctrination of our children.  Those who come to read to the kids should be subjected to a criminal background check, and be professionally and modestly dressed.


I will work to see that business licenses are not used as a club to deny individuals their 1st Amendment rights and that there is only one business license to do business in the state.  Having separate business licenses is duplicative and expensive.  Doing business is not a privilege.

The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the land, management should not have the ability to restrict the First Amendment rights of employees.

The concept insubordination should be plainly stated in any management policy on discipline

No business should have the ability to require an employee to violate their constitutional rights, including the enforcement of health mandates in which a refusal would result in dismissal.  I support SB156 that bars such conduct..


I will work to remove the word "privilege" from Alaska's statutes--we are not subjects of gov't.

I will work to end privileged/protected status for any group other than for those who are mentally and/or physically handicapped and unable to act in their best interests, the unborn, and those with debilitating or catastrophic illnesses.  People who are  physically and mentally able individuals who are otherwise functional and productive in society should not be granted any special status.  We are all equal under the law with adequate protections in place to bar inequality or injustice.  Creating protected classes is divisive and creates a discriminatory workplace, especially in gov't service.  PC is the standard, not efficiency, and acts to negatively impact the mission/service to be provided to the public.  Janet Napolitano's office at DHS was notorious for the harassment and discrimination against male heterosexuals in her staff.  There are departments within the state government where PC is the standard.  This malarkey needs to END.


I will work to keep our hunting and fishing rights in accordance with Article 8 Sec. 3 & 4 of Alaska's Constitution.



Alaska's public education system is a failure.  Alaska's schools place 47th overall and 4th grade literacy is a dismal 50th.  This is incredible, given the billions of dollars. that have gone to education in this state.

I will work to improve education by working to end federal regulation of our classrooms.  Not taking federal funds eliminates 66% of the regulatory overhead in the classroom and the primary support for the NEA's and AFT's social engineering agendas.  I would work to restrict union activities to wages, benefits and contract negotiations.

I will work to support homeschooling, charter schools, vocational schools, and private schools.  I will work to require that parents sign contracts with public schools requiring that their children obey rules of behavior as a requirement for enrollment.

I will work to require school district seats to represent a specific district to give school board members accountability.


Law abiding females should be encouraged to carry a firearm for personal safety.

I will work for indemnification of Alaskans who respond to a request for assistance from a peace officer pursuant to AS 12.25.090.

I will work for indemnification of Alaskans who act in defense of the law and their communities pursuant to AS 12.25.030 in the absence of law enforcement.

I will work to see the AST, DOC, and the Judiciary have the resources and manpower needed.

I will work to end Alaska's participation in the State Dept.'s refugee resettlement program, because the risk to the public health and to national security is just too great.

I will work to reverse the decline of public safety and decline in the State's disaster response capability.

I will work to support and to expand the use of all volunteer agencies in state disaster response.

I will work to revise Title 19.10 of Alaska Statutes regarding speed limits to end the ticket mill on the Glen Highway.  Traffic engineering practices are the only way to set a safe speed limit.  Uniform Manual of Traffic Control Devices and Signs is the authority.

Iwill support the declaration of invasion. We have a drug problem and Alaska needs to act in defense of public safety by working to support TX and AZ in stopping the drugs at the border and by strengthening the organized militia  by declaring an invasion pursuant to Art. 1 Sec.10 of the federal Constitution.  Alaska needs support turning illegals and drugs back to the border.

I will work to bar law enforcement from using unmarked vehicles for traffic  enforcement.

I will work to end human trafficking in Alaska through increased penalties and increased cooperation with border states to stop the influx of illegals and drugs at the southern border.


I will work to improve public access to public lands for resource development and recreational use.

I will work to see that the state enforces section line rights of way across all lands in Alaska.

I will work to increase private land ownership by sale of public lands by working to restore the state's Homestead Act and/or through an accelerated direct sales program, if restoring the Homestead Act is not possible at this time--the State does not need to exercise control over 100 million acres.


I support the preservation of agricultural lands and the expansion of agriculture in Alaska.

Alaska must have adequate agricultural resources to weather any disaster resulting in interruption of logistics.


I will work to support resource development--resource development means JOBS FOR ALASKANS!!!

I will work to have the Alaska Railroad restore the rail between Sutton and Palmer and to expand the rail system statewide to meet the need for development of Alaska's resources and to connect Alaska's communities.

I will work for additional roads and access across federal and state lands by motorized vehicles.  There is justification for a national security initiative to have pioneer roads built suitable for trucks and military equipment for use in a national emergency, disaster response, and by private sector logistics to enable moving goods by commercial truck to Bush villages.  Such pioneer roads could be used to support power lines, communications infrastructure, extending the Alaska Rail Road, and natural gas distribution pipelines throughout the state.

I support ending the grotesquely inefficient environmental impact studies that are repeated ad infinitum without any real purpose other than to continue to impede a public works project.   Only one impact statement needs be done for any project.  Period.  Millions are spend each year duplicating studies--great deal for consultants.

I support the development of Valley coal and timber


I support DOT's use of round-a-bouts and the upgrade of roads in HD25 and statewide.

I support maintaining our roads, and extending Wolverine down to Clark Road on Lazy via the section line at the intersection of Clark and Wolverine Rd.

I support the continued expansion of Palmer's airport--I believe that the facility can expand into an intra-state cargo hub.  Restoration of rail would help support a regional airfreight hub.

I support spending money on infrastructure, not on expanding government.



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