I am Christian, Conservative Republican, pro-life, pro-family, NRA-Life member, unabashedly American and Alaskan, I carry a firearm daily, hunt as injuries allow, and like to write opinion pieces.  My creed is God, Family, Country.

I have lived in the Valley since 1961, Alaska since 1954.

Lydia, my wife, and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary on 8 March, 2022.  We both graduated from Palmer High School (1970, 1972). We have 3 grown children, Margaret Rye, Larry, and Sidney whose families live in the Valley.  We have 7 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren.

Lydia (Lindeke) is a retired 27 year teacher and born and raised in Palmer and my resource regarding education, sexual abuse, and my anchor for common sense.  She is a group leader for Hearts Going Towards Wellness.

I have 49 credit hours with the U of A, but did not finish a degree, too busy with family and jobs.

My work history spans over 40yrs, 18yrs telephony; management in mining and soil remediation equipment development and field operations; steel fabrication since 1976, part-time, full-time from 1986 to 2016 as president and director of Terra Resources, Ltd.  I have worked remote mining operations in Alaska, soil remediation operations in HI, IA and Canada.  I've been to Korea and Japan on business and received a good education in how Asians perceive contracts.

I have decent paralegal, writing and and public speaking skills.  I can do my own research and defend my positions.

When I don’t know, I ask questions. study, and I work to stay informed.

Military is limited to part-time service in the reserves and as a volunteer in the uniformed auxiliaries federal and state.

Military and Uniformed Auxiliaries:  1971-1986  AK ANG, AK ARNG, USAR; CAP (1968-1974), ASDF (2003-2007), and USCG Auxiliary (2016-2020).

Community service:  Alaska Chapter Coordinator for the National Motorists Association (1994-2000), the Citizens Red Air Advisory Committee (2012-2014), Community Response Team (2005-2007), Lazy Mt. Community Council Fire Committee (2000-2001), and the MSSD Youth Anti-Violence and Crime Task Force (1994-1996).

I have been involved in politics since I was 18, much to my wife's chagrin, given everything else that we've done.

I have been part of four gubernatorial campaigns.  Sarah Palin, Bill Walker (2010, 2014), and, Mike Dunleavy (2018). I resigned from Walker’s campaign in late August, 2014, because he made a deal with the unions, Byron  Mallott, and the Democrats.  I previously ran in 1998, 2000, and 2002 as AIP.  I did it to give the party a legit candidate.

My interests are varied, motorcycles, aviation, computers,  weapons, military, history, current events, technology, science, astronautics, mining, shooting and Aussies.  I like to build my rifles these days.  The AR platform is incredibly versatile.

The PFD is the greatest direct stimulus to Alaska's economy that can be made.  Further, with growing inflation and coming depression, we need the full PFD.

I want the assault on Christianity, the kids, women, resource development and our rights to end.

I am not a politician, so don't be disappointed if I am direct in my assertions.  I do not intend to run the office as if I were concerned about reelection.  I am going to do what's necessary to convince  the opposition and the RINOS to respect the independence, self-reliance, and hard work that I grew up with.  To do that, we must work to end the reliance upon and unfettered growth and interference of government.

I have had it with excuses, and it is time to find out just what is meant by the "will of the Legislature"?  There is only one WILL, and that is the WILL OF THE PEOPLE.  Further, a legislator is not a leader, they represent, not lead the pack.













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